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Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit

At $45 apiece, that makes Stack more affordable than both Lifx and Philips Hue — and I’d argue that Stack’s bulbs are smarter than both. They will change color temperatures, offering a yellowy 2,700 K, a bluish-white 6,500 K, or anything in between. Put the bulbs into “Auto Mode,” and they’ll automatically adjust their own brightness and tone throughout the day using built-in ambient light sensors. There’s also a presence sensor in each bulb — if they see you walking into a room, the lights will fade on automatically to light your way. What’s more, they’ll work with your Nest thermostat, cleverly telling it to crank the heat a little higher if they spot you in a room that tends to stay colder than the rest of the house. You can also automate the bulbs on IFTTT, which lets you sync them up with a wide variety of other popular smart home services and gadgets, including Amazon’s Alexa.

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