5G Is Coming: Here’s What Facility Manages Need to Know by Larry Werner and Val Loh

5G stands for fifth-generation wireless technology. It is a revolutionary leap forward in terms of speed, response times, network reliability, and energy efficiency. 5G is expected to provide speeds from 400 Mbps to more than 10 gigabits, with wireless network

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O2 Trails Data Transmission through LED Bulbs

Telecom operator O2 has announced its partnership with PureLiFi for a trail network using LED lights to provide high-speed wireless connection for data transmission. The technology, known as LiFi (lighting fidelity), uses visible light instead of radio waves to transmit

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Wireless Technologies to Comprise 55% of Connectivity IC Shipments in 2018

Driven by the colossal Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity, wireless technologies – including wireless local area network (WLAN), Bluetooth, cellular and low-power wireless – will account for 55% of connectivity integrated circuit (IC) shipments in 2018, according to IHS Markit.

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Osram Partners with Nokia for Indoor 5G Through the Lights

Two of the biggest names from the lighting and cellular networking industries — Osram and Nokia — are together exploring the possibility of equipping LED ceiling luminaires with 5G radio chips to transmit data inside commercial building. In an early-stage

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