How We Can Make Human-Centric Lighting Usable by Steve Stark

The easy controllability of LED lighting makes it possible to replicate the ideal characteristics of natural light. Although today’s LED lighting has been adopted primarily for environmental reasons, the new technology also brings unprecedented user controllability that creates opportunities to use

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Cree Releases LXB Series Linear High-Bay Luminaires

The company released the new LXB Series fixtures to meet the need resulting from the nearly half of all new construction and fluorescent retrofit high-bay installations that specify linear high-bay LED fixtures. The high bays provide up to 160 lumens

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Global Human Centric Lighting Market – Analysis and Forecast, 2018-2024

The evolution of smart technology has considerably changed the overall lighting industry in terms of energy and money saving and has improved the safety norms for the convenience of the users. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a lighting solution intended

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NEMA Comments on American Medical Association Community Guidance

The AMA recommendation encouraging the use of 3000K correlated color temperature (CCT) or lower may compromise the ability of the lighting system to meet all critical design criteria for each unique application and is not an appropriate solution for all

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Cree Demonstrates 134-Lm/W Packaged LED with Incandescent Quality

Cree has announced the results of laboratory tests of a single high-power packaged LED that delivered almost 1600 lm with light quality that matches the incandescent lamp. The company said the 134-lm/W realized efficacy is 25% better than other LEDs

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Inside the New IES Method for Color Evaluation by Craig DiLouie

The color quality of light sources is critical in a broad range of applications, from making colors pop in retail merchandise to promoting social interaction by properly rendering skin tones. To evaluate, predict and discuss color quality, the industry relies

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ACKNOWLEDGING A SEA CHANGE BY DOE SSL POSTINGS 6/02/15 The biggest takeaway from this year’s LIGHTFAIR® International was the prevalence of connected products, and the fact that sensors and controls seemed to be everywhere the eye could see. All of this was evidence of the sea change that’s

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