TM-30 Is a Chance to Get Right Light First Time

The new TM-30 metric, designed to replace the decades-old colour rendering index (or CRI), is a more useful and robust way of telling how colours will look under a particular light. CRI is a key piece of information on the

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Human-Centric Lighting at a German Supermarket Boosts Sales by 28%

The trial of the technology at an Edeka store in Lower Saxony saw total sales increase by 12 per cent compared to a nearby reference store, with confectionary sales rising by 28 per cent, fruit and vegetables by 26 per

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LEDs Are Set to Change Horticulture by Increasing Yields

The color of LED light can be used not only to assist the growth of plants, but it can also be used to improve their year-round taste and quality and potentially increase their nutritional value. Not only this, but growing

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New DOE Resources on Understanding IES TM-30

Created by an Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) task group to address the widely acknowledged limitations of CRI, which is simpler to use but less accurate, TM-30 encompasses several individual measures and graphics that complement one another and, together, provide a

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White-Tunable LED Lighting by Craig DiLouie

LED lighting can generate virtually any perceivable color as well as any shade of white light, all digitally controlled and selectable. Color output can be adjusted by mixing color LEDs, mixing white-light LEDs of different color temperatures, or a combination

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NEMA Responds to IES TM-30-15 with NEMA LSCR-PP 1

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recently published TM-30-15 IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition. NEMA has produced a position paper, Light Source Color Rendition, in response to this document. Mark Lien, chair of NEMA Light Source Section and

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IS LIGHTING QUALITY SUFFERING WITH LED’S? BY JAMES R. BENYA, PE, FIES, FIALD Lighting design is the practice of knowledgably, and often artfully, combining the necessary lighting qualities needed for a particular project. Some aspects of lighting quality, such as providing the right amount of light, are easily standardized, measured and calculated.

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