Welcome to The University Without Light Switches

Students attending Dubai’s Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) need never flick a light switch or search for a tutorial or classroom again. The facility has been equipped with state-of the-art lighting controlled by a cloud-based technology. It enables faculty

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Philips Turbocharges the LED Bulb, Claiming Huge Efficiency Breakthrough with Dubai

The new Philips Dubai Lamp delivers 200 lm/W, making it the first commercially available lamp to break the 200-lm/W barrier. Philips and Dubai plan to begin distributing several different models later this year, rated at notably low wattage ratings of

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Philips Ramps Up IoT Push with Vodafone

Fresh into a partnership with IT giant Cisco, Philips pushed lighting further into digital connectivity today, announcing more alliances with non-lighting stalwarts such as Vodafone, and launching a Dubai trial with a retail chain using LED lights that track and

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Top Three Emerging LED Markets with Huge Economic Potential

LEDinside’s editorial team compiled data from China’s customs and other research organization reports to present an overview of market conditions of certain popular oversea markets. The following market evaluations are for reference purposes. 1) Egypt is Africa’s third largest economy,

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