Reduce Class Sizes for Free by Travis Jones

Do smaller class sizes improve academic performance?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Our common sense tells us more teacher attention per pupil results in a more engaged student.  Numerous studies validate this point (  The landmark Tennessee Star Study

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Segment Outlook 2019: Education and Outdoor/Street Lighting by Susan Bloom

From utility rebates and new ANSI standards to an increasing emphasis on human-centric lighting, manufacturers share their predictions for the Education and Outdoor/Street Lighting segments in 2019 and what distributors need to know to maximize their participation. Will the new

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Within the Next 20 Years We Will Be Living in a Different World! And You Thought It Was Just in Lighting

An interesting talk by the Managing Director of Daimler Benz – a bit mind-blowing really. There have always been the same 3 constants… Death, Taxes and CHANGE! Our competitors are no longer other car companies but Tesla (obvious), Google, Apple,

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Tucson Electric Power helps schools boost energy efficiency

Tucson Electric Power is working with more than two dozen local schools to install energy efficiency upgrades that help can reduce energy use, lower electric bills and brighten up learning environments for children. High-efficiency lighting and other improvements are being

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Interested in Getting a Degree in Lighting? by Craig DiLouie

A number of education providers offer degrees in lighting: The Lighting Research Center The New York School of Interior Design The New School / Parsons UC Boulder University of Kansas Penn State University of Nebraska-Lincoln Oklahoma State University

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