New DLC Report: Energy Savings Potential of DLC Commercial Lighting and Networked Lighting Controls

New research demonstrates energy savings potential that can significantly reduce our energy load over the next ten years and beyond. Energy saving opportunities for residential utility lighting programs will soon be largely exhausted due to growing market saturation and EISA

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Incandescent A-Line Lamps Decline Sharply in Second Quarter

NEMA’s shipments index for incandescent A-line lamps dropped 61.2% during 2014Q2, as the full effect of EISA 2007 lamp efficiency regulations took hold during the first six months of the year. Substitute lamp types such as LED A-line and halogen

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News Updates for the Week of November 29

1. Will ESL Light Bulbs Beat LEDs? – New York City-based Vu1 Corporation would like consumers to think so with the announcement that after years in the making, the company’s R30 Electron Stimulated Luminescence energy-efficient reflector light bulb —or ESL

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