Smart Lighting and IoT Service for the Future Offices

What will offices be like in the future? Current by GE and Osram provided some insights about how offices evolve with technology and noted that connectivity and smart lighting might be the fundamental infrastructure for setting up the future offices.

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The Past, the Present and the Future by Bill Attardi

What do you think? This is another attempt to pull together an understanding of the transition taking place from the Traditional Lighting industry (the Past), to the Smart Lighting industry (the Present) to the Intelligent Lighting industry (the Future). As

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tED Cover Story: Independents: Strengths, Weaknesses & Strategies by Susan Bloom

In life and in business, founding father and renowned inventor Ben Franklin put it simply by saying, “when you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Some 250 years later, this old adage has never been more applicable to the community of independent

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Philips And The Future Of LED Lighting

Philips And The Future Of LED Lighting Comment Now Follow Comments In the world of consumer LED lighting, it seems there is always a new development. I recently had a chance to chat with Todd Manegold – Head of Product Marketing,

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