The Great Lighting Debate Then and Now by Bill Attardi

The blog in May 2019 by Chris Brown started out like this: “Hey Captain Sunshine, it’s me CHICKEN LITTLE! Remember me? Remember our debates about Illumigeddon and Fortuity? Well, it’s time to look back and see how we got where

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NAILD Podcast #32 Illumigeddon Meets The Matrix by Chris Brown

Sponsored by LumaNEXT Lighting industry veteran Chris Brown coined the term Illumigeddon several years ago and met up with Get A Grip to discuss where we are headed. Ilumigeddon has turned into Illumitunity as long as you can work your

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The Great Lighting Debate of 2016

How to successfully position your Company in Today (and Tomorrow’s) Lighting Industry – IMARK Showcase 4/5/16 Presenters: Bill Attardi aka ‘Captain Sunshine’ vs. Chris Brown aka ‘Chicken Little’ A debate on the Future of the Lighting Industry (and how you

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Last year I introduced a new word….. Illumigeddon, referring to the end of the traditional lighting industry as we have known it. Now it’s time to introduce this year’s new word, to better reflect the state of the industry today.

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