UV Lighting to Prevent, Contain and Remove Pathogens by Matt Deloge, Johnson Controls

We continue to see a steady flow of press materials about the ultraviolet (UV) lighting sector, especially with regard to the coronavirus. Johnson Controls posted a short video breaking down the way UV can be used in disinfection. The video

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Survey Finds Continuing Investment in Energy Efficiency

U.S. organizations are planning to increase investments in smart building controls and systems integration at a greater rate than more traditional energy efficiency measures, according to the results of a study released by Johnson Controls, Milwaukee. The company’s 2018 Energy

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Johnson Controls and Arkansas State University Sign $15 Million Energy Performance Contract

…that will dramatically advance the university’s sustainability initiatives, including improvements to lighting, water conservation, waste management, energy management, HVAC, and utility monitoring systems. Energy performance contracting is a financing mechanism used to pay for energy efficiency improvements, which are then

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Cisco Marches Into Connected Lighting with New Partners

The networking giant’s Philips alliance for connected lighting was just a start now that it has announced 15 new collaborators, including Cree. LEDs in the “digital ceiling” are key to its huge Internet of Things push. Cisco is staking its

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Binghamton, New York Kicks Off 7K LED Streetlights Switch

Several test LED lights were installed in the city earlier in mid- 2015. The project will cost US $4 million but the energy and maintenance savings will offset the expense in the long run. The project is expected to be

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Acuity and Johnson Controls Deploy SSL on El Paso Streets

El Paso, TX was able to find multiple Texas-state programs that together made a project that included more than 11,000 street lights feasible. Specifically, the project qualified for a $200,000 rebate through the Texas Emission Reduction Plan. The remaining funds

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University Funds Campus Improvements with Energy Savings

Johnson Controls will help the University of Akron cut the energy consumed across campus and reinvest those savings into university upgrades. Overall, the 15-year contract is projected to result in more than $58 million through streamlined operational and energy savings.

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News Updates for the Week of January 14, 2013

1.     Making the Switch: Traditional 75-Watt Bulb Is the Next to Go – As of Sept. 30, 2012 it became illegal to import or manufacture the traditional 100-watt incandescent bulb. But stores can still sell what they have on the

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News Updates for the Week of April 25

1. UD Collaborating With LG Innotek On Advanced Solar Cell Research – The UD solar institute, a U.S. Department of Energy University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaic Research and Education, recently won a three-year, $780,000 contract from LG Innotek to

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News Updates for the Week of March 14

1. U.S. Green Building Council Releases List of Top States in the U.S. for LEED-Certified Projects in 2010 – The top LEED states per capita (square feet of LEED-certified space per person), including the District of Columbia:  District of

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