Segment Outlook 2019: Education and Outdoor/Street Lighting by Susan Bloom

From utility rebates and new ANSI standards to an increasing emphasis on human-centric lighting, manufacturers share their predictions for the Education and Outdoor/Street Lighting segments in 2019 and what distributors need to know to maximize their participation. Will the new

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Signify Still Sells Lights! Unveils Some 20 New Hue Models

Many of them will connect to the Internet, so there’s still a data play. But it’s a reminder that the lighting industry is still tending to illumination, even as reaches for the IoT brass ring. Now, something for readers who

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New LED Vapor Tight Slim Strip Lights from Litetronics

Litetronics introduces its new LED Vapor Tight Slim Strip Lights, a family of uniquely rugged and low-profile fixtures that are ideal for space-constrained industrial applications requiring a durable and energy-efficient solution. Available in 4’ and 8’ versions that consume 30

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