WHITE PAPER – Samsung’s Horticulture LEDs Using Full Spectrum

Samsung has made several attempts to develop new spectrum for horticulture lighting. One solution is to utilize white LED alone or in conjunction with monochromatic LEDs to create a very broad spectrum. These approaches using Samsung white LEDS can deliver

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UL Whitepaper: Grow Your Knowledge: Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural lighting has existed for many years as a supplement to, or replacement for sunlight as the catalyst for plant growth. While many light sources have been used, professional, large-scale operations tend toward HID lamps for most supplemental and replacement

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LEDs Are Set to Change Horticulture by Increasing Yields

The color of LED light can be used not only to assist the growth of plants, but it can also be used to improve their year-round taste and quality and potentially increase their nutritional value. Not only this, but growing

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