Soon, Power Will be Delivered to Your Device by Air

Nikola Tesla predicted that power will be transmitted by air as well as information, without wires. Wireless power could enable a whole new class of devices. Energous has a patent on an idea of putting a power transmitter into the

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High Color Rendering Can Enable Better Vision without Requiring More Power

An article advocating for high color rendering in consumer lighting products and the policies that support their adoption is now available. The paper is a collaboration between CLTC the University of British Columbia and the National Research Council of Canada.

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Soraa LED Light Engines

This line of LED light engines uses 50% less power and has a higher center beam intensity (CBCP) than comparable integral LED fixtures, according to the company. Due to their low profile and small diameter, the light engines allow luminaires

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Ohio legislators postpone decision on energy, efficiency mandates

A lawmaker panel postponed action on legislation that would freeze renewable energy and efficiency mandates for two years while a new study committee develops recommendations for future standards. But the Republican leader of the Ohio House said he expects a

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Helping Global Cities Harness the Power of Energy Efficiency

Cities now consume about two-thirds of the world’s energy, and are responsible for about 70 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions. These proportions are growing as rapid urbanization drives soaring demand for energy to power economic activity and expand services

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