Apple in Talks with Potential Suppliers of Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

The moves provide fresh evidence of Apple’s renewed ambitions to enter the autonomous vehicle derby, an effort it calls Project Titan. The talks are focused on next-generation LiDAR, a sensor that provides a three-dimensional look at the road. (LiDAR, which

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From Smart Homes to IoT and Autonomous Cars, This Is How 5G Will Impact Our World

Super-fast phones. Self-driving cars. Smarter homes. Streaming movies, music, and games with zero lag. These are just a some of the technologies we can expect to see in our lives, beginning in 2019, and tying them all is a next-generation

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Osram Develops New LiDAR Sensor for Self-driving Cars

LiDAR systems are an integral part of driving assistance systems, such as lane assist and emergency braking systems in autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles. The propagation time of very short light pulses is used to determine the distance between the vehicle

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Within the Next 20 Years We Will Be Living in a Different World! And You Thought It Was Just in Lighting

An interesting talk by the Managing Director of Daimler Benz – a bit mind-blowing really. There have always been the same 3 constants… Death, Taxes and CHANGE! Our competitors are no longer other car companies but Tesla (obvious), Google, Apple,

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