Time to respond to my impetuous friend Chris Brown’s blog RIGHT-SIZE YOUR BUSINESS. NOW…….SHRINK OR SINK! BY CHRIS BROWN, FORMER CEO OF WIEDENBACH BROWN – Energy Watch News  He is right, that’s right, I agree with him, he is right, but

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A Light that Still Burns Bright by Robin Watt at C.N. Robinson Lighting Supply Co.

In the past, manufacturers, through their reps, built relationships with distributors who had local market resources and were prepared to stock product and pay for it regardless of whether it sold or not. By doing so, the distributors assumed the

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Are You Good Enough to Get Better? by NAED Sales Team Development Workshop, September 16-17 — GE Lighting — Cleveland, Ohio

This workshop will benefit both new sales professionals, as well as experienced sales professionals that feel like they already know how to sell. It promises to be one of the most impactful two-day sales training you have ever experienced. Class

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