5G Is Coming: Here’s What Facility Manages Need to Know by Larry Werner and Val Loh

5G stands for fifth-generation wireless technology. It is a revolutionary leap forward in terms of speed, response times, network reliability, and energy efficiency. 5G is expected to provide speeds from 400 Mbps to more than 10 gigabits, with wireless network

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Laser Li-Fi is Ten-Times Faster than LED Li-Fi

Li-Fi technology that uses LED lighting instead of radio waves (Wi-Fi) to transmit data, will now use laser-based lighting, that will transmit data rate ten times faster. Laser-based Li-Fi will have better light output than LED. The project is being

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Researchers Create Light-Emitting Device That Flashes 90 Billion Times Per Second

The device could be a way to greatly speed up data transmission in computers. Things like smartphone batteries currently power transistors by flipping electronics on and off billions of times per second. However, if microchips were able to use photons

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