Copper Bounces Around Waiting on the Fed

The price of a pound of copper continues to fluctuate as investors interested in the red metal wait to hear what the Fed will do today. Will they hike up the interest rate as expected? Or, will they keep it

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Big Threat or Big Opportunity by Gary Thomas

There are growing discussions in the electrical distribution community about the threat of select manufacturers and certain mega-Internet companies circumventing existing distribution channels by selling direct to end-users. It is referred to as “disintermediation”, and some fear that such a

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The Li-Fi Revolution: Coming Soon to an Office Near You

Tech start-up company Velmenni has used Li-Fi-enabled lamps to transmit data at speeds of 1Gbps (Gigabits per second). Laboratory tests have shown theoretical speeds of up to 224Gbps. The company tested the method of delivering data, which uses the visible

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TED Publisher’s Note: So here we go. We have already posted stories about disintermediation and “Illumigeddon” at in the past. Now we are asking the questions to the manufacturers and distributors who are directly involved in the situation. This

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Marketing Momentum: Writing Powerful Case Studies By Katrina Olson

You’ve researched the company and interviewee, conducted the interview, and typed and cleaned up your notes. Now it’s time for the hard part—writing your case study. An effective and powerful case study is not a listing of facts; it’s a

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News Updates for the Week of March 4, 2013

1.     Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition Announces 2012 Outdoor Winners – The competition began evaluating indoor and outdoor products separately in 2012, and the winners announced today are the 2012 outdoor winners — the first outdoor winners to be announced

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