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Target’s Iot Reality Check: “It’s Less Than Awesome”

“While we strongly believe that one day the IoT industry will change everything about how we live (even inside our bodies) — it’s still early,” noted Gene Han, Target’s vice president of consumer Internet of Things. Among the reasons why consumers aren’t flocking to the concept: While the universe of things that can link together is as wide as the imagination, the things don’t all necessarily talk well to each other. Han did not single out lighting. But with the LED industry positioning the IoT and all of its smart lighting potential as a primary driver of revenue in a world where bulbs will last decades and thus rob the industry of continual replacement sales, his cautionary words should remind the lighting industry of the importance of inter-compatibility with other devices and systems. A set of smart LED bulbs that are intended to trigger action in, say, a home heating system or a home security alarm won’t serve their purposes if the systems fail to communicate.

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