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Tariff List: 85414020 ……….. Light-Emitting Diodes

We have quickly scanned the list of 1200 products that are on the proposed tariff list from China and LEDs are included. You can view the entire list: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4430282/Office-of-the-United-States-Trade-Representative.pdf There are many components that will affect our industry on the list: steel, aluminum, resistors, diodes, etc. Some legacy products are on the list as well:
• Electrical filament lamps, voltage not exceeding 100 V, having glass envelopes n/o 6.35 mm in diameter, suitable in surgical instruments
• Electrical filament lamps nesi, designed for a voltage not exceeding 100 V, excluding ultraviolet and infrared lamps 85394100
• Arc lamps 85399000 ……….. Parts of electrical filament or discharge lamps

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