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The Changing Rules of the Lighting Game by Jim Lucy

LED technology has unleashed new market realities that change how distributors, reps and manufacturers attack the lighting market. In the lighting industry of years gone by, electrical distributors typically would choose one of the “Big Three” lamp manufacturers (GE, Philips and Sylvania), partner with a ballast company, pick and choose lines from one of the big lighting fixture packages and fill in as needed with the next tier of bulb manufacturers. The lighting industry still has its giants, with eight companies bringing in sales of more than $1 billion: According to EW’s research into SEC filings and annual reports, at least eight companies do more than $1 billion in lighting sales: Philips Lighting ($8.7 billion); Osram ($3.4 billion); Acuity ($3.5 billion); LEDVANCE ($2.4 billion); GE ($2 billion); Zumtobel ($1.6 billion); Cree ($1.1 billion); and Eaton (estimated $1.5 billion to $2 billion). On the next tier are companies doing at least $100 million in sales, including several public companies for which sales revenue data is available: Hubbell Lighting ($729 million); Panasonic’s Lighting division ($307.9 million); LSI Industries ($239 million); and Revolution Lighting ($152.3 million). While the sales volumes may drop once you get past this tier of lighting manufacturers, the number of manufacturers increases.

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