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The Coming LiFi Opportunity?

The Coming LiFi Opportunity? – The advantages of LiFi is that it is faster than WiFi, up to 100x faster (224 Gbps is the fastest recorded to date in a lab setting), it is more secure and it is more energy efficient and you can (theoretically) embed any LED light with a LiFi system. However, your current WiFi enabled phone/laptop/desktop can’t just switch to LiFi. For your gadget to use LiFi it needs a photo-receptor and the code in the OS to allow it work. (sounds like an opportunity for all phone companies to get us to upgrade, hence generating opportunities for Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc). The systems have downsides too. You can’t use LiFi (yet?). But, the Apple code is clear evidence that this technology is coming, and possibly faster than expected. It could also signal Apple’s entrance into the lighting business.

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