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The Great Lighting Debate of 2016

How to successfully position your Company in Today (and Tomorrow’s) Lighting Industry – IMARK Showcase 4/5/16

Presenters: Bill Attardi aka ‘Captain Sunshine’ vs. Chris Brown aka ‘Chicken Little’

A debate on the Future of the Lighting Industry (and how you can win).
• ILLUMIGEDDON argues that we are approaching the end of the traditional lighting industry and suggests that many, if not most electrical distributors are NOT READY for the solid state lighting revolution
• FORTUITY is all about being in the right place at the right time, recognizing it as a potential opportunity and taking advantage of it for substantial growth.
• NEW WORD from Chicken Little: ILLUMITUNITY

The debate between Chris Brown (of IMARK member Wiedenbach-Brown) & Bill Attardi (publisher of the Energy Watch newsletter) is all about the question: FOR WHOM? Lighting is not just about illumination anymore, just like the phone is not just about a phone anymore, or a watch about telling time, or a TV or a car, on and on…

Smart Lighting will not only allow consumers to manipulate the timing, intensity, and quality of light but will internally interact and track and react and adapt to the users’ living and working patterns. Manufacturers will continue to focus on what they do best: to innovate and make the most advanced high-tech products possible and market research the market to keep the progress going forward. The established distribution channels are in the best position to continue to serve the mainstream markets for the new high-tech lighting products and to satisfy the enormous growing need for the service demand that is always present when it comes to electronics. It is just too important a product category to abandon.

Chris & Bill discussed that unless a business is already evolving to a 21st century business model, the influx of high-tech companies, and then the introduction of Smart / Intelligent Lighting absolutely demands innovation and evolution of business models. And this applies to everyone in the food chain…..specifiers, manufacturers, reps, distributors, contractors… and end users.

Finally, employee satisfaction is critical to survival and thriving in the face of Illumigeddon. The leap from employees considering their company a good place to work to becoming a great place to work is huge. How many companies actually have ways to gauge employee satisfaction, loyalty and enthusiasm for their job and their company? Great companies do. And good companies might, but for them, good might just be good enough. But not good enough to thrive and enjoy the fruits of Fortuity or Illumitunity!

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