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The Impacts of the U.S. – China Trade War on Global LED Lighting Business

In April, the U.S. government has proposed a list of 1300 Chinese exports and announced to impose 25 percent tariffs on these products, following the Section 301 investigation. Later in July, the Trump administration released the second tranche of additional tariffs on US$ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods. The first tranche of tariff has come into effect on July 6. According to previous analysis of LEDinside, the LED products included in the first list are mainly intermediate goods such as wafers and backlight products. The tariff would influence U.S. based companies who have factories in the U.S. and has to buy the intermediate products from China for manufacturing. The second tariff will come into effect on August 23rd and it will influence a wider range of LED lighting products as the tariff list included more than ten categories of LED lighting products. These products account for 75 percent of the Chinese lighting exports and the export value of the listed lighting products has reached US$ 5 billion in 2017. Since the U.S. has been an important export market for China made LED lighting products, the impacts of tariff on lighting products will be unavoidable.

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