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Theatre Installs UV-C Lights to Tackle Coronavirus

The Royal Theatre, a Madrid icon which recently reopened its doors to the public, says the lights provide an extra layer of protection for its artists, employees and spectators. It says UV-C is a ‘tried and tested’ solution and a complement to traditional cleaning. It ‘will ensures 99.9 per cent’ virus inactivation. Protection measures for the UV-C light include delayed start to allow the evacuation of the area to be disinfected; remote control; motion sensor that switches off the device when it detects movement of a person or animal; drop sensor (in mobile units); red or green indicator lights, as well as an audio warning signal. The Teatro Real Project collaborated with lighting controls integrator Stonex which advised on the best ways to disinfect the different areas within the theatre. The installation incorporates four GoldenSea UV UVL150 units within the stage and auditorium areas, and two of the mobile GSUV UVM216 unit for backstage and rehearsal rooms.

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