Times & Trends: PoE: The Next Game Changer to Watch? By Jim Lucy - Energy Watch News

Times & Trends: PoE: The Next Game Changer to Watch? By Jim Lucy

A sometimes overlooked trend with truly game-changing potential is the growing acceptance of PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) cabling, which is quickly changing how lighting systems are wired in many new buildings and retrofits. It’s not too often that a new product technology comes into the electrical market with the proven potential to reduce the total installed cost of a system by up to 20%. Along with these installation benefits, PoE helps integrate lighting other control systems in a building; helps building owners maximize their investment in their facilities; and offers building occupants the ability to customize the color temperature of the light. And since PoE ties together the power for the lighting systems to a building’s IT system, building managers or owners can take the usage data they collect from IoT-enabled LED fixtures to gain additional leverage during discussions with utilities or other energy entities on their energy bills and plans to shed loads at predetermined times. http://ewweb.com/editorial-commentary/times-trends-poe-next-game-changer-watch

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