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TM-30 Is a Chance to Get Right Light First Time

The new TM-30 metric, designed to replace the decades-old colour rendering index (or CRI), is a more useful and robust way of telling how colours will look under a particular light. CRI is a key piece of information on the data sheet for any lighting product. But lighting engineers and designers have always known that CRI is a pretty blunt instrument. It gives the light source a score between 0 and 100 for how faithfully it shows colours – but this still leaves a lot of uncertainty. The old CRI metric takes the average of eight colour samples. It also doesn’t cover colour saturation – only colour fidelity. The new TM-30 metric sets out to change all this. First published in 2015 and due to be updated this year, the new TM-30 metric uses 99 colour samples taken from real-world objects and grouped into categories such as skin, textiles, nature and paint. This provides much more consistent coverage of the visible spectrum than the old system based on just eight colours.

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