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UBTECH ADIBOT: The UV-C Disinfection Robotic System

The ADIBOT system consists of two UV-C models: the stationary ADIBOT-S model and the autonomous ADIBOT-A model. ADIBOT-S is a stationary robot that is manually placed in the desired disinfection space for use. ADIBOT-A is an autonomous solution that can be programmed and mapped to independently navigate one or multiple floor plans. Both ADIBOT systems provide 360-degree radiant light coverage, powerful UV-C disinfection, and intelligent safety features including the use of “risk mitigation” cameras, PIR sensors, sensor enabled safety signage and an emergency remote control. ADIBOT UV-C robots are able to provide a safe, disinfected environment for students, customers and employees. UBTECH is proud to be able to provide a more intelligent robotic solution during these unprecedented times. https://ubtrobot.com/adibot

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