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UL Whitepaper: Grow Your Knowledge: Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural lighting has existed for many years as a supplement to, or replacement for sunlight as the catalyst for plant growth. While many light sources have been used, professional, large-scale operations tend toward HID lamps for most supplemental and replacement lighting for plant growth. Significant steps in the efficiency of LED systems have increased the viability of LEDs as an alternative light source to HID lamps for output, such as the ability to develop a spectral power that is tuned to the specific crop grown and adjusted over the plants’ lifecycle and the potential to have greater influence over the quality of the finished product by adjusting the light. However, these benefits can only be realized with an understanding of the fixture’s performance, as not every LED fixture can provide the equivalent light output and intensity of the incumbent technologies, and plant lighting has special testing considerations. This article will explore the differences between the measurement of lighting for vision and what is needed for plants. http://industries.ul.com/blog/grow-your-knowledge-horticultural-lighting

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