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University Facility Managers Trial IoT Lighting

to better allocate rooms and buildings and control both heating and lighting. The University of Oulu in Finland feature luminaires with built-in sensors which gather information about how occupants are using the space. University managers can use this information to allocate space to various departments. With around 16,000 students and 3,000 staff, Oulu is one of the largest educational facilities in Finland. The trial – funded by the Finnish government – is also testing a number of other emerging technologies. For instance, the lighting infrastructure is hooked up to a 5G network, the next generation of mobile phone connectivity that is set to supersede the 4G platform. Some pundits believe the leap will be necessary to support the billions of devices that will connect to the IoT — estimates vary wildly but several prognosticators expect around 20–30 billion devices to be part of the IoT by 2020, up from several billion today. Lights, windows, door locks, security cameras, refrigerators, heating systems, and many other items will be part of it.

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