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Utility Rebates for Networked Lighting Controls by Craig DiLouie

In May 2016, the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) released V.1.0 of its Networked Lighting Control Systems Specification, which formed the basis of a new Qualified Lighting Products List (QPL). As of August 2017, more than 20 utilities and energy efficiency programs now require networked control systems be on the QPL, and about a dozen of these created new rebates for the technology. Most DLC Members and many other utilities are looking at how to incorporate the QPL into their rebate programs. The DLC’s goal is to develop a unified, market-friendly incentive strategy that would simplify the rebate process and streamline it across multiple program territories, but for now, utilities are experimenting with approaches. http://lightingcontrolsassociation.org/2017/09/19/utility-rebates-for-networked-lighting-controls/

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