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We’ve Learned from Our Mistakes Says Signify Chief by Arthur van Schendel

For several years now, Eric Rondolat, a Moroccan-born citizen of the world with French and Italian nationality, heads the listed company Signify, the former Philips Lighting. Rondolat is seen as the man who transformed the more than one century old light bulb factory into a modern ‘service provider in lighting solutions’. ‘We then saw that there was not just one transition going on, no, at the time we saw four transitions, and even later five.
1) ‘The first was simple and inescapable: the conventional lamp would slowly but surely disappear.
2) ‘The second was a logical consequence: the unprecedented advance of LED lighting.
3) ‘The third was about the consequences: we would have to switch from one technology to another and we would immediately have to move on by linking the lighting systems and connecting them to the Internet. ‘That required a control system and software.
4) ‘The fourth transition ensued again: now that we all lighting could be connected, we could start to offer services: you do not buy a lamp, you buy lighting.
5) ‘In all fairness, we did not see the fifth and final transition at the time. We have gained the insight that light is a wave and that you can transport data with light waves. ‘Of course! Light as language, light as a means of communication. Light waves could, for example, be an excellent, faster and safer alternative to Wi-Fi. We call that system Li-Fi.

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