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White Paper: How B2B Distributors Can Beat Amazon

Whether they’ll admit it or not, B2B distributors will soon be dominated by a marketplace. The question isn’t when or if, but who will be leading this change. Established distributors could find themselves fulfilling orders for Amazon, or embrace the model for themselves. Free Download at http://www.digitaljournal.com/ that covers:
1. Future of B2B Distribution – Understand how the market will be dominated by a marketplace, either by Amazon or an established firm.
2. How B2B Distributors Can Play Offense – Established distributors have a handful of strategies to employ in order to embrace the marketplace model, including acquisitions and partnerships.
3. 100 Day Strategic Plan to Dominate B2B Distribution – Learn the concrete steps distributors can take to build a marketplace and fend off Amazon’s impending domination.

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