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The Whole Customer Value-Added Proposition by Bill Attardi

Let me define what I mean before I relate it to the lighting industry. Much has been written about the value proposition, the almost holy value proposition. You mean you do not know what your value proposition is….shame / shame! Read my lips: tell me what value you bring to the market. What makes you better than your competition? On and on and on…… We must teach it at the under-graduate and graduate level in any marketing course and I have often wondered that maybe we place too much emphasis on it. In its simplest terms, a value proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit your product or service provides for your customers and how you do it uniquely better than your competition. Simply, it’s what you actually provide that is tangible or intangible and everything else your customer needs to make it acceptable to them as a solution. Well, that does sound like VALUE! Warren Buffet tells us that we sell on price while customers buy on value.

With that said, I think I just justified why we must sell on the Whole Customer Value-Added Proposition, with emphasis on value-added. In the high-tech digital world that we now find ourselves, my view is that we must expand the concept and must address three (3) distinct offerings and they must work together:
1. The Product
2. The Solution
3. The Service

Now let’s look at the transition happening in the lighting industry…..and the Whole Customer Value-Added Proposition necessary if you intend to play in this new game. Well Folks, I did not finish this blog…….too much going on right now. The plan is to finish it this week……..stay tuned.
If you have any thoughts, let me know and I’ll credit your participation.

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2 comments on “The Whole Customer Value-Added Proposition by Bill Attardi

  1. David Gordon says:

    Bill – food for thought as you finish.

    Many companies feel that they have a value proposition especially when they say things like quality product, best customer service, people, etc. You know what I mean. And unfortunately none of these are unique (your competition, which has been in business for 50-100 years has poor product or bad service or inexperienced, bad people?!) And unique is very difficult to establish (unless you have a patent). So, perhaps an element of proving your value-added proposition is the ability to measure yourself, your deliverable, what you are offering to the customer or metrics that show what you have delivered to others or they say about you?

    I look forward to the completed posting

  2. BillAttardi says:

    I truly believe, Bill …
    … any salesperson that does not know the value proposition of their company or product isn’t really prepared to serve their perceived marketplace or customers. BBS/A.L.P. has been a lighting components company servicing the original equipment manufacturers since we started our sales agency in April 1955. We sincerely believe that we do a wonderful job of vetting the manufacturers that we represent, and in developing A.L.P. as a components supplier that understands the needs of our lighting marketplace. When it comes to lighting components, we believe that we have a team of people who understand the subject and who have the vision and the competencies to let you know how you can best serve your customer base.

    Thank you for your comments about the Brown family video made at the Tanque Verde Ranch. Two of my son Steve’s children are into video making. My granddaughter Jordan did the choreography, and my grandson Jason (the skater) edited the video and put together the finished product. Honestly, we are blessed with a happy, healthy and forward-looking family whose values I have a lot of respect for.

    Warm regards,
    Bill Brown Sales

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