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Why 2019 Is Set to be the Year of Bluetooth Mesh

Early applications of the technology are demonstrations of how Bluetooth (and specifically Bluetooth Mesh) are not only shaking up smart lighting but pushing the boundaries of what the industry thought could be done with lighting. Executives have long held the ambition to turn the lighting installation into a digital backbone – an ‘Internet of Things’ platform which would allow other technologies, services and tasks. With Bluetooth Mesh, that’s actually becoming a reality. The ratification of the Bluetooth Mesh in the summer by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was clearly a bit of a game changer. The move followed three years of research and effectively boosted Bluetooth’s reach far beyond the typical 10m range that’s familiar to consumers sharing things like audio files among smartphone, computers, tables, TVs, and other devices.  http://luxreview.com/article/2018/12/why-2019-is-set-to-be-year-of-bluetooth-mesh

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