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Why Blue-Free Lamps Are the Next Big Thing

First your iPhone eliminated blue light with its Night Shift app, now light bulbs are following suit. A wave of blue-free lamps is hitting the market with a promise that they won’t interfere with sleep. It’s the lighting industry’s latest way of following the mega-trend for wellbeing and ‘sleep hygiene’. People are increasingly spending most of their waking hours indoors and under artificial light, running the risk of blue light overexposure during evening hours that can inhibit restful sleep. Under the bonnet is an engineered mix of green and red phosphors energized by violet LEDs which leaves a wide gap in the blue range, removing blue completely while retaining a high quality of light, resulting in vibrant, natural white light and high color rendering. https://luxreview.com/article/2019/04/why-blue-free-lamps-the-next-big-thing

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