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Will Australia’s Largest Smart Light Project Lead to City’s Rebirth?

Australia’s seaside city of Newcastle has launched a massive new smart lighting scheme, which is set to form the spine of the city’s expanding and lavish smart city strategy. Around fifty smart light poles are being installed across the Newcastle area, with a further 300 set to make an appearance over the next five years. The light poles offer not only controllable and dimmable LED lighting, but also Wi-Fi connectivity, speakers through which public announcements can be made and cameras that can offer real-time traffic analysis to authorities. The lighting can be controlled at any time of day using Google maps and it is expected that the poles will also soon be fitted with further environmental sensors, a smart parking system and electrical-vehicle charging stations. http://luxreview.com/article/2017/06/australia-s-largest-smart-lighting-project-launched-in-newcastl

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