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Witchita Falls, TX to Finish Streetlight Upgrade

The city of Witchita Falls, Texas plans to complete its switch to LED street lights that it started about 10 years ago, according to an article in the Times Record News. And the Witchita Falls city council approved the $2.8 million project. While at least 2,490 roadway lighting fixtures have already been switched to LED systems, the city plans to upgrade the remaining 5,727 high-pressure sodium, metal halide, and mercury-vapor streetlights to LEDs. Ameresco, the company that the city has been working with, estimates that the new lights could save about 2.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year. Also with a 10-year warranty, about 20 years, from Cooper lighting, Eaton’s lighting branch, the city also anticipates savings on maintenance. Ameresco and the city estimate that the project could be completed in four to five months. http://www.solidstatelightingdesign.com/

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