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World’s First Li-Fi Classroom Opens in Germany

Pupils in the space – at the Hegel-Gymnasium in Stuttgart – uses modulated light from the LED luminaires to receive data to their devices, an emerging technology known as Li-Fi. Wi-Fi, by contrast, delivers data via radio waves. A special memory-stick sized dongle – above right – is inserted into computers and other devices. A photoreceptor on the dongle receives the data embedded in the modulated visible light. Similarly, users upload data using an infra-red transmitter embedded on the dongle. France is also the location of the first office in the world with the internet supplied using lighting. At next month’s LuxLive exhibition in London, the Li-Fi is unveiling a host of off-the-shelf products. The innovations come from the top three firms, PureLiFi, Linmore and Lucibel.

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4 comments on “World’s First Li-Fi Classroom Opens in Germany

  1. The other Bill says:

    Can LIFI be hacked?

  2. Bill Attardi says:

    Other Bill,
    My understanding is that Li-Fi technology requires a direct line of sight between the transmitter (light) and the device in order to operate. However, this limitation could be seen as a positive as it make Li-Fi secure from external hacking. It also means there is less interference from other devices, making the technology a more secure transfer protocol than standard Wi-Fi. If anyone has additional info, please comment…

  3. Rod Heller says:

    We have the first system installed in the United States. Have had it operating for 5 months and it works great. To hack it, you have to be in the building and under the light. At that point it has the same security as your computer system in general. It is the exact same as connecting via cat5. That is how the Li-Fi is connected to your server. It is just another access point, no different than if the hacker plugged into the wall.

    I really do not see any access limitations, because every light is an access point to the server/internet. Then once the lights are connected, you have a data highway established for all future devices. (Can’t justify this for occ. sensors anymore)

    I love the potential of the system based on the future of IOT and connected devices. It is still somewhat at the “dos” stage, but it is getting better fast! I cannot say enough good things about the people at Pure-Li-Fi. Great company to work with and they know their stuff!

  4. BillAttardi says:

    Thanks Rod….Hope that answers your question Other Bill

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