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Worldwide Streetlights to Grow from 315M to 359M units by 2026

There are currently 315 million total streetlights in the world. This number will grow to 359 million total streetlights by 2026 with new and more efficient LED streetlighting expected to be $57 billion. LED streetlights will transform cities and municipalities across the globe over the next decade. LEDs offer longer lifetimes, lower energy consumption, and reduced maintenance expenses when compared with legacy streetlight technologies. In most developed countries, LEDs are already an economically beneficial alternative to existing streetlights over the lifetime of the streetlight when energy savings are considered, despite their higher upfront cost. But in the next few years, LED streetlights are expected to reach cost parity with legacy technologies (and in some cases already have), making their benefits to costs immediately positive. At this point, they will make economic sense as replacements in almost all countries. Also, many emerging market countries are rapidly urbanizing and in need of improved urban infrastructure, creating further drivers for this market. 1/24 PRNewswire

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