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Zhaga and DiiA Agree to Cooperate on IoT Solutions for Lighting

As lighting controls become more digitalized and the Internet of Things takes off, the need for defining standardizing the interface of sensors and connectivity modules with lighting has become a widely known issue in the lighting industry. Two organizations, Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and the Zhaga Consortium (Zhaga) are creating technology and devising standards for this area. DiiA is an open, global consortium of lighting companies that intend to grow the market for lighting-control solutions utilizing the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) technology.  Zhaga, is a global association of lighting companies that standardizes interfaces of LED luminaire components, such as LED modules, LED light engines, LED arrays, holders, electronic control gear (LED drivers) and connectivity fit systems. http://www.solidstatelightingdesign.com/zhaga-diia-agree-cooperate-iot-solutions-lighting/

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