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Zumtobel CEO: Li-Fi Will Play A Decisive Role

Li-Fi got another boost from the old guard today, as the CEO of venerable lighting maker Zumtobel endorsed the technology’s potential following a trial with pioneer pureLiFi ahead of a joint display by the two companies at the Mobile World Congress, the mobile telecommunication industry’s annual giant confab in Barcelona. The comments by Zumtobel boss Alfred Felder mark the second Li-Fi advance in recent weeks at a major lighting company, following Signify’s announcement earlier this month that it now has about 30 Li-Fi trials underway. Li-Fi turns LED luminaires into Internet transmitters by using LED lightwaves, rather than the radio frequencies of Wi-Fi, to communicate with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Li-Fi advocates say that it can be faster than Wi-Fi. It is also potentially an important part of lighting’s emerging Internet of Things (IoT) push, in which vendors are looking for altogether new business models and new sources of revenue by tying lights to the Internet and thus using the lighting infrastructure for a myriad of data services. https://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/2019/02/zumtobel-ceo-li-fi-will-play-a-decisive-role.html

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